Run the film

The horse was Hermès first client, it's rider came second. Since 1837, Hermès has continued to honour it's adoration of horses throughout all their creations. Run the Film Flipbook Machine is a playful artwork that animates the elegance of this iconic Hermès motif.

Watch Silk Flow

Hermès hand printed silk scarves are timeless creations. This Flipbook Machine captures the effortless beauty of a finely woven slik scarf, on delicate folds of Bristol paper. The scarf cheerfully floats in the breeze of a Summers day.

"In an era of production-line luxury, it’s heartening to see a global brand stand by there roots and explore sustainable materials, and new ways of working. Like the Hermès artisan, I take immense pride in handcrafting each Flipbook Machine in my studio in Ridgewood, Queens" – J. C. Fontanive